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If you were the victim of an airline accident, our firm will aggressively and vigorously pursue maximum compensation for your emotional or physical injuries.

New Jersey Aviation Accident and Disaster Attorneys  

In most cases, airline accidents and aviation disasters are some of the most traumatic and life-changing events possible. People can be left seriously injured or even killed due to the extreme conditions associated with airline accidents and disasters.

Need help finding an airplane accident attorney in New Jersey? Our legal team here at Flynn and Associates has years of experience and firsthand knowledge from working with clients who have been affected by an airline accident. Over the years our legal team has fought for our clients to get them the compensation they deserve from those who were responsible.  

At Flynn and associates, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to client service and we hope to make your experience as painless as possible. These airline accident cases can be extremely complex and require a significant investment of both time and effort into evidence collection and finding experts to support your case.

We promise to provide all our knowledge, expertise and connections to experts with a client-centered focus.  

Flynn and Associates provide you with 100 percent access to your representation to ask any questions or check for updates on the state of your case. We want to take care of the complex legal proceedings and negotiations so you can focus on recovery either emotionally or physically.  

We have experience representing clients who were injured or killed because of incompetence or negligence of airlines, aviation manufacturers, pilots, airline carrier or maintenance contractors.

Listed below are some more specific cases of clients we have represented.  

  • We have provided legal representation for those who were injured in major commercial airline crashes.  
  • In the case that you were injured in a more regional carrier flight, we also have your back.
  • If you were injured in an international flight due to the negligence of others.
  • We can represent you in the case that you were injured in a terrorist-related or caused airline accident.
  • Any accidents involving private, charter or corporate aircraft.
  • Any military or contractor aircraft accidents.
  • Small commercial plane accidents  
  • General aircraft accidents
  • Helicopter accidents

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We believe that we should not get paid unless you do, meaning that if you don’t win your case, we don’t get paid. With our years of experience and legal expertise, we will be able to get the ball rolling on your case as quickly as possible to ensure that you receive your compensation as quickly as possible.

The Firepower of a multi-state firm with the personal touch of a small-town firm, Flynn and Associates provide every client with their own personal legal team to provide the utmost in client-centered representation possible. Regardless of the complexity of your case, you will receive the best possible representation for your airline accident case.

We do this to ensure that every case gets the attention it deserves and that you get the maximum compensation possible for your case.

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Is it possible for safety precautions to fail?

Whether you are an experienced flier or taken a flight here and there throughout your life it’s likely that you have heard a pre-flight safety talk. This is where the pilot and stewardesses provide a brief overview of the safety equipment on the aircraft.

It’s easy to take all these safety precautions for granted and just assume that they will work 100 percent of the time, but what about if they don’t? Flynn and Associates will dig into the details of the crash and look for any possible cases against the manufacturers of the safety measures or the airline for not employing them properly.

With planes traveling at up to 500 Miles per hour, the safety equipment on the aircraft is of vital importance in the case that tragedy occurs and there is an accident. Quite possibly the most overlooked safety feature on an aircraft is the seatbelt which should always be correctly secured.

Even if you aren’t involved in an actual plane crash, it is possible for the turbulence to become so bad that you are thrown around the plane and possibly injured without a functioning seatbelt. Without a properly functioning and snug seatbelt you could hit your head on a sharp corner or trip trying to gain balance and injure yourself.

The next most commonly overlooked safety equipment is the oxygen masks and flotation devices. Without these vital pieces of safety equipment, the likelihood of survival of a plane crash drops dramatically. 

Without a working flotation device, you may not be able to tread water for a long enough time to be rescued after a plane crash. In the case of oxygen masks, you may not be able to breathe in a depressurized aircraft cabin.

In the case that your aircraft crash-related injury was made worse by a faulty or misused piece of safety equipment give our legal team a call to consult about your case at (609)-605-8825. Our experienced legal team will provide you with all the information and guidance necessary to determine where your compensation will come from.

Common causes of aircraft accidents/crashes

As you already know, New Jersey and New York are some of the largest travel hubs in the nation. Due to that fact, many people in these areas travel by aircraft whether it be for work or vacation. 

While most people who chose to travel by aircraft will never experience anything close to a plane crash, it is completely impossible to predict when a plane crash will happen. Because of the high speeds and heights reached by planes these crashes can be extremely traumatizing at the best and fatal at the worst.

Our legal team would like to share with you some of the most common causes of plane crashes in the US.

In a very interesting research project to provide an overview of airplane crash liability, FindLaw had to first determine the most common causes of crashes. According to the research conducted by FindLaw, nearly 50 percent of plane crashes were due to pilot error. 

Our experience with client’s backs up this fact, many of the cases involving airline crashes were because of pilot error. There are several possible factors that could lead to the pilot of an aircraft losing control of the plane such as inclement weather or sudden outbursts of wind the pilot couldn’t predict. Generally, anything that decreases visibility or takes control of the aircraft can lead to even the most experienced pilots making a mistake.

Another possible cause of an aircraft crash or accident is the faulty manufacturing of the parts of the plane. These planes are sometimes assembled by 100s of people in different companies that add on their parts. With so many people and companies having the responsibility to ensure the safety of the aircraft it is possible for one part of a vital system to be faulty or installed incorrectly. Any defects in parts can lead to mechanical failure throughout the plane causing some pretty tragic and possibly avoidable results.

Regardless of what caused your plane crash, we know that cases like these can be extremely traumatizing both mentally and physically. We hope that we can provide all the knowledge, expertise and legal counsel you need to make the legal part of your journey an easy one. Allow us to shoulder the legal burden so that you can focus on healing both mentally and physically

How safe are commercial airline flights?

While this page does provide a lot of doom and gloom about commercial airline accidents, we wanted to provide some facts about the safety of air travel to ease your mind. In short, commercial air travel is remarkably safe 99.9% of the time.

One of the most common worries that people have about the safety of air travel is whether the parts of the plane will safely and effectively get them where they need to go. In most cases, aircraft manufacturers run hundreds of comprehensive tests to determine the breaking points of every part in the plane.

This is done so that the manufacturer and the airline know exactly what conditions the plane can safely travel through. Test pilots fly the plane through every type of condition under the sun and push the plane as close to the breaking point as they safely can. 

While it may seem like you hear about plane crashes on the news all the time, the reality is that there is only around 1 in 11 million chance of a flight being fatal. This pales in comparison to the nearly 1 in 5,000 chance of having a fatal car accident while driving long distances. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, the FAA has recently increased the safety of air travel through several policies to protect the lives of traveling Americans. To cut down on drowsy or distracted flying the FAA increased the mandatory rest for pilots between long flights to ensure that the pilots are as sharp and alert as possible. 

Also, in 2013 the FAA increased the minimum number of flight hours needed to become a commercial pilot. Before the 2013 policy change pilots only needed around 250 hours to become a licensed commercial pilot, whereas now they need over 1500 hours of flight time. Regulations like these and possible future FAA intervention help to keep air travel as safe as possible and protect American lives.

What is and what are the causes of air rage?

While we are sure everyone is familiar with road rage, traffic-related anger that can lead to stupid decisions being made, and have it possibly impact you. A less commonly known type of transportation rage is air rage which can lead to injuries. 

There are several different forms of air rage and resulting in difficulties associated with them. You may find yourself asking, what exactly is air rage? The textbook definition of air rage is any violent or threatening behavior that plays out on an aircraft. This type of behavior is most commonly carried out by other passengers in the plane and can either make your travel difficult or possibly cause you physical harm.

 It is also possible for angry or frustrated airline employees to have this kind of behavior which can make travel a living nightmare. The causes of this kind of behavior are pretty text-book for anything involving belligerent or violent behavior. The passenger may be frustrated by delayed or canceled flights or stressed out from a work trip which leads them to snap. 

Another one of the most common causes of air rage is if the passenger is intoxicated leading to unpredictable changes in mood and behavior. While this may seem like just a minor inconvenience it is not all that uncommon for disputes of this manner to end violently. 

A belligerently intoxicated or violently angry passenger can impact your safety and possibly cause you harm. If this occurs in a plane there are very limited options to remove yourself from the situation due to the cramped tightly packed airplane cabin. 

What kind of product liability compensation should I expect?

We have all taken the safety of air travel for granted because of the overall small likelihood of a plane crash. As previously stated on this page traveling by aircraft is safer than traveling by car by several orders of magnitude. However, the possibility still remains that some parts from the plane may fail and lead to a plane crash. 

It is vitally important for you to know what companies or responsible parties may owe you compensation so you can maximize your payout. This will help to cover any lost wages or medical bills that may have stacked up during your recovery.

If you have been involved in a plane crash, we have provided a list below of the most common ways you will receive your compensation:  

  • Any personal financial loss whether it be from medical bills lost wages or property damage from the plane crash.
  • An amount to cover your foreseeable future personal financial losses such as lost wages or medical bills.
  • Another possible avenue for compensation is more intangible such as mental trauma, pain and suffering, counseling for your traumatic experience and emotional damage.
  • In the case that the actions of the defendant were egregious and calculated you may be able to collect on punitive damages for your case.

How do we prove a plane or part was defective?

To effectively and satisfactorily prove that a part of the plane was defective at least 51% of the evidence must be in your favor. This will allow you to collect compensation from other companies as well as the airline if it is possible to prove that their parts had something to do with the crash. 

Provided below is a list of common evidence types used to prove the defectiveness of a part of the plane.

  • Concrete and substantiated facts about the crash or incident that point to the defectiveness of the part.
  • The opinions and testimony of expert witnesses that further prove your case. 
  • Possibly damaging information found in the airline or part manufactures maintenance logs or specifications. 
  • Any information that would help to determine what changes were made to the plane before the crash happened. 
  • Substantiated evidence or proof that the airline, manufacturer or seller of the aircraft did not abide by government regulations.

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